Lost Mail Redistribution Program

April 15, 2018

he first two lost mail postcards, sent out in April, 2018, were made public in October, 2018.
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Warmest Salutations from the esteemed council!

Sincerely we delight in welcoming you to the Lost Mail Redistribution Program, wherein the crowd-funded redistribution of undelivered mail will support the cessation of the expensive analog mail delivery service. This service, having been implemented as a temporary measure, has long overstayed its welcome. We appreciate your patronage in helping us to recapture the sadly-lost dignity of not having to ferry postcards through literal outer space.

For this special first issue, your Lost Mail Curator is Edo Gomuk. They have enclosed a double-edition of two (2) postcards, specially selected because they are both examples of the once-popular fishing scene interpretations and thus showcase how the hostile, inhuman landscapes depicted which were ostensibly made more palatable by inclusion of a stylized, idyllic human form, the illegibility of which belies the illustrator’s own unfamiliarity with a softer human existence. The fishing trope was popular during the first few centuries of post-extra-terrestrial re-settlement; it is now recogniaed as representing desire to escape without a vision of how or where.

(Additional curator notes) Remarkably, both cards share not only illustration style—which, alone, is not that strange, given its popularity even today -- but also stamp series and, crucially, the phrase “peace and clarity”. This saying is unique to one relatively obscure and remote planet -- the last settlement prior to The Reconnection Era -- which has enjoyed minimal tourism and continues to produce very few itinerants.

We hope you enjoy this curated selection.

May your days be long, splendid, and many,
IGPW Council

Postcard 1:


Here are the translations you were looking for. I apologiae for my dismissive reaction to your request; engaging with outsiders feels a lost art after living too long in this place. Truly, we are all outsiders here. If you choose to visit again, I will do more to help welcome you here, despite anything you might say; I did appreciate your concern for my reputation, but what good is a reputation that cannot uplift others?

In peace and clarity, Marga Grimm

Postcard 2:

Dearest Friend,

I hope this finds you in peace and clarity. Because I don’t know when I will next see you, and I have no other way to reach you, I cannot stop writing you these letters. You can see I have tried to limit them to no more than one a day, and besides, I hear the new postal delivery is inconsistent, so perhaps the ineptitude of the bureaucracy might save you from my ramblings. I went back to that questionable establishment, the one with the big orange sign in the front, remember? It was filled with heart-rending sounds. I know you don’t think these animals can think or feel anymore, but, in this, my love, I think you to be mistaken. There is a most gentle creature here, enduring horrible conditions, and as much as I enjoy and find meaning in my itinerance, I am wrought heart-empty by my inability to provide a home for this creature. Will you permit me to imagine a safe return of both myself and my new friend, whom you have yet to meet, to your dwelling? If not soon, then, in years, or decades.

If you ever write to me, I will be grateful.

Stay Tuned

Brought to you by Kit Kuksenok (Narrative and Illustration), Cora Lee (Graphic Design and Lost Mail Art Direction), and Victoria Downing (Digital Scene Building). Read more about the project and find the full lost mail directory...