Lost Mail Redistribution Program

May-June 15, 2018

he third lost mail postcards, sent out in June, 2018, was made public in November, 2018.
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Warmest Salutations from the esteemed council!

Sincerely we delight in offering you the second redistributed Lost Mail item, curated by Edo Gomuk. They have enclosed a postcard from the recent more tourist-friendly decades of the Dweller Planet settlement. As my colleague notes below, it remains sparsly populated.

As a result of an excellent collaboration with the Census Division, we are happy to further include some additional explanatory notes from Asat Nadine. Based on the above notes from the Lost Mail Curator, they have provided the following additional information about the origin of this month's mailing:

(Hand-drawn figure of Dweller Planet Population Over Time, with (a) Scientific and Government Travel Boom (b) 200 Years (Solar) and (c) Today labelled.) Census on the so-called "Dweller Planet" includes estimates derived from early settlement mail archives, which predate centraliaed I.G.P.W. reporting

We hope you enjoy this curated selection.

May your days be long, splendid, and many,
IGPW Council

Connoisseur Appendix:

Connoisseur-tier Lost Mail Subscribers also received the map shown to the left. You may find this to be a useful piece of information about the Dweller Planet.

Postcard 3:

Dear Aunt O---!

How are you? I'm great! Today is the last day on the "Dweller Planet." I'm glad I don't live here! If I did, I would have to learn to read the Dweller language, which smells bad, first of all, because of all the mosses. And this card says "river transport" but to me it just looks like scribbles.

Love, Marra.

PS: Sorry! Sister M -- says I should thank you for helping me to go o nthis trip. Thank you! I hope I learn enough that you can take me with you next time you go on an expedition.

Stay Tuned

Brought to you by Kit Kuksenok (Narrative and Illustration), Cora Lee (Graphic Design and Lost Mail Art Direction), and Victoria Downing (May-Jun Stamp Design). Read more about the project and find the full lost mail directory...